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Academic Presenters Schedule

Ex Parte Milligan at 150: The Constitution & Military Commissions in American Wars on Terror

Friday September 23
8:30-11:15: Panel Presentation

Chair: Brooks Simpson

Douglas William Lind, “The Myth of Treason in Southern Illinois”
Director of the Law Library and Professor of Law
Southern Illinois University School of Law

A. James Fuller, “Was there a civil war in Civil War Indiana?: Rebellion on the Northern Home Front and the Context of the Milligan Case”
Professor of History
University of Indianapolis

Stephen Towne: “Civil or Military Courts? The Decision to Use Military Commissions to Try the Indiana Conspirators in 1864”
Associate University Archivist
Indiana University-Purdue University Indianapolis

10:00 Coffee Break

Dan Rigney, “A White Man’s Republic, Copperhead Constitutionalism and the origins of the Davis opinion in ex parte Milligan.” 
Graduate Student
Illinois State University

Christopher Phillips, “Southern Cross, North Star: Race, Region, and Irreconciliation in the Post-Civil War West.”
Professor of History
University of Cincinnati

1:30-3:00: Panel Presentation

Chair: Stewart Winger or designee

Jennifer Weber: “Lincoln and the Power of the Presidency”
Associate Professor
University of Kansas

Jonathan White: “Ex parte Milligan as a Precedent for Supreme Court Decision-Making”
Associate Professor of American Studies
Christopher Newport University

Itai Sneh: “Civic Liberties under Attack Since 9/11:  Misconduct under the Bush Administration”
Professor of Criminal Justice
John Jay College

3:15-4:45: Plenary: Lincoln, Civil Liberties, and the Milligan Decision

Jennifer Weber, Christopher Phillips, A James Fuller
Chair: Michael Les Benedict
Initial Question: What should Historians conclude about the civil liberties record of the Lincoln administration, about Davis’s response in Milligan, or about Chase’s concurrence?

6:30-7:30: Keynote: Michael Les Benedict (introduced by Roger Bridges)

Saturday September 24
9:00-11:45: Panel Presentation

Chair: Meghan Leonard
Associate Professor of Political Science
Illinois State University

Luci Petlack: "A Dilemma of Civil Liberties: Blacks under Union Military Control, 1861-1866."
PhD History
University of California, Davis (2013)

John Moreland: “David Davis Jurist and Civil Libertarian”
Chief of Staff
Cox Law Firm, Monticello, IL

Roger Billings: “The Salmon P. Chase Concurring Opinion in ex parte Milligan”
Professor of Law
Northern Kentucky School of Law

David Campmier: “Robert Cobb Kennedy, the Just War Tradition and the Lieber Code in Military Tribunals”
Doctoral Student in History
CUNY Graduate School

12:00-1:15: Lunch with Keynote: Johnathan Hafetz (introduced by Meghan)
"Ex Parte Milligan in the War on Terrorism: Testing the Constitutional Bedrock of a Criminal Trial."

1:30-3:00: Plenary: Milligan and GITMO

Michael Les Benedict, Jonathan Hafetz, Itai Sneh, Brooks Simpson
Chair: Stewart Winger or Designee
Initial Question: What Place, if any, does the Davis opinion in Milligan Decision (or the alternatives set out by Chief Justice Chase or the Lincoln Administration) have in our current war on terror and its jurisprudence?

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